Our values

Because Data would be nothing without the people behind it, iPepper is committed to meaningful battles on several fronts on a daily basis. Our commitment is an integral part of our business.

The environment

Because every gesture counts, our waste is sorted and composting household waste is the rule in iPepper homes.
In addition, iPepper homes will be equipped with vegetable gardens so that teams can enjoy fresh vegetables and fruit with good fertiliser.
iPepper supports the association Pure Ocean, which protects the seabed from pollution and damage caused by man, and Terre & Humanisme, which shares, transmits and supports ecological, humane and socially responsible agriculture.

Equal opportunities

Inclusion and parity are at the heart of our action to restore balance and give everyone a chance according to their skills, desires and situation.


iPepper guarantees the transparency of its actions and direct communication. The directory is available to everyone, as is the chat room. There are monthly information meetings on budgets, projects, communication, etc. You are financially interested in co-opted assignments and consultants.

Balance between private and professionnal lifes

By offering a pleasant working environment: iPepper houses are accessible to everyone, employees, freelancers, clients or candidates, particularly at weekends and during the week to work or relax. The "flexitude" rule means that you can choose to work on site, part-time TT or full TT as you wish. The same applies to contractual arrangements: freelance, portage or salaried employment. The choice is yours!

Conviviality et equity

Every month, a festive, sporting or cultural event is organised. The choice of activities is made taking into account the opinions of all team members. The events encourage solidarity, determination and creativity. They strengthen cohesion between the members of the iPepper team.

Associations supported by iPepper

Supporting associations that work for the same values as us was essential.