iPepper Family !

iPepper consultants: employees and freelancers

Talent is our top priority. Whether you’re a salaried employee, freelance or otherwise, you’re part of the iPepper family. Choose your assignments, your employment contract (permanent, freelance, portage) and your workplace (telework or not, in our villas or in innovation hubs for networkers).

Les consultants iPepper

The companies

Our Start-ups and Scale-ups are at the forefront of advancing innovative solutions. Whether they have their activities in tech mobility, biotech, ecology or data tech, they all respond to the professional projects of our Talents.
Start-up, scale-up or large groups? iPepper is the partner of companies that make full use of data tech to create value and innovate!
All of them constitute an iPepper ecosystem with shared values: well-being at work, equal opportunities, parity at work, preservation of the environment.

Les shapers

The recruiters

Our iPepper  recruiters make the link between the expectations of our Talents and the needs of our Shapers. They provide them with quality human service.
Our Xtreme Profiler platform supports their action by automating tasks that can be done, giving all the time needed to our recruiters to listen to our Talents and understand their projects/ They use technology to gain relevance and efficiency in order to free up time for support.

Our locations in the world

We are located in different regions:
- Mediterranean
- Atlantic
- Provence
- Grand-Paris
- Mauritius

Nos implantations dans le monde

The iPepper home for better well-being at work!

iPepper adopts modern working methods such as telework. This does not prevent us from hearing the desire of our employees to work together in a spirit of conviviality. The large iPepper family has at its disposal villas specially designed for its comfort during their working days and weekends! And still in our ecological approach, our villas are self-sufficient in energy and have their own water well to supply our gardens.

La maison iPepper pour un meilleur bien-être au travail!